Special Surveillance Teams Deployed for Smooth 2024 Lok Sabha Elections in Chinchwad Constituency

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Pune News: With the 2024 Lok Sabha elections on the horizon, the Election Commission has taken proactive measures to ensure the integrity and smooth conduct of the electoral process in the Chinchwad Assembly Constituency. In this regard, a comprehensive network of surveillance teams has been established, aimed at enforcing the Model Code of Conduct and addressing any electoral malpractices.

The Chief Electoral Officer, Dipak Singla, alongside Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Vitthal Joshi, has spearheaded the deployment of 33 Static Surveillance Teams (SSTs) across the Chinchwad constituency. These teams, comprised of magistrates, police personnel, and videographers, are tasked with vigilant monitoring to deter illegal activities such as unauthorized gatherings, substance distribution, and violence during the election period.

Within the Chinchwad constituency, which encompasses areas like Sangvi, Wakad, Kalakhad, and Mukai Chowk, 12 SSTs have been strategically positioned to cover key electoral zones. Operating round the clock, these teams remain vigilant and ready to take swift action in response to any breaches of the Model Code of Conduct.

Complementing the SSTs are six Flying Surveillance Teams (FSTs), equipped with independent vehicles and comprising magistrates, police officers, and videographers. These mobile units ensure continuous surveillance and rapid response capabilities, bolstering the overall security apparatus during the electoral process.

In addition to physical surveillance, the Election Commission has established five Video Surveillance Teams (VSTs) tasked with monitoring compliance with the Model Code of Conduct. These teams, consisting of magistrates, police officers, and videographers, leverage technology to promptly address any complaints received through platforms like cVigil.

Furthermore, the Commission has implemented five Video Viewing Teams (VVTs) responsible for reviewing speeches made by candidates during public rallies, processions, and meetings. By closely scrutinizing campaign activities, these teams contribute to maintaining fairness and transparency throughout the electoral campaign.

To ensure financial transparency, expenditure observers closely monitor campaign-related expenses, including those for campaign materials, vehicles, catering, and program arrangements. This oversight aims to prevent any undue influence or misuse of resources during the electoral process.

The establishment of these specialized surveillance teams underscores the Election Commission’s commitment to conducting free, fair, and transparent elections in the Chinchwad constituency. By leveraging a combination of physical and technological resources, the Commission aims to uphold the integrity of the electoral process and safeguard the democratic principles upon which it is founded.

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