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    Addressing Safety Concerns: Pune Police Takes Proactive Measures to Combat Rising Violence


    Combating Escalating Violence: Pune Police Takes Strides Towards Safety and Reform

    Pune recently witnessed a horrifying incident in which a young girl was attacked with a machete in Sadashiv Peth. However, the citizens took immediate action and managed to overpower the assailant, ensuring the girl’s safety. This incident shook the entire state of Maharashtra and raised concerns about the security and law enforcement in Pune.

    Following the incident, the citizens took the attacker to the police station, only to find that there were no police officers present at that time. In response to this incident and the subsequent outcry, the Pune Police have taken significant steps to enhance safety and security measures, particularly for women.

    Here are the new decisions and measures implemented by the Pune Police:

    Strengthening Damini Squads: The Pune Women Police will form 25 new Damini squads, increasing the total number from 15 to 40. These squads are dedicated to addressing crimes against women and ensuring their safety.

    Addition of Beat Marshals: To improve patrolling efforts, the Pune Police will appoint 100 more beat marshals, doubling the current number from 100 to 200. Beat marshals play a crucial role in maintaining law and order on the streets.

    College Counseling Programs: The police will conduct counseling programs in colleges across the city to raise awareness about safety and security among students. These programs aim to empower young women and educate them about self-defense and reporting crimes.

    24-Hour Availability: Every police station in Pune will remain open 24 hours to ensure that citizens can seek assistance and report incidents at any time.

    Apart from these specific decisions, the Pune Police have devised additional measures to enhance women’s safety:

    Increased night patrolling throughout the city by the police force.

    Conducting security awareness activities in IT companies to educate employees about safety precautions.

    Rigorous checking of licenses for rickshaw pullers and thorough vetting of private vehicles and drivers associated with platforms like Uber and Ola.

    Taking preventive action against individuals with criminal backgrounds to proactively address potential threats.

    Deployment of police personnel around major transportation hubs such as Swargate, Shivajinagar bus station, and railway stations to prevent robberies targeting incoming passengers.

    Strict actions against reckless driving and individuals with criminal records to ensure road safety.

    The incident in Sadashiv Peth, where the attack took place in a crowded area and the police response was delayed, has raised concerns about law and order in Pune. Punekars are questioning the effectiveness of the Pune Police and demanding greater accountability.

    In response to these concerns, the Pune Police have initiated these new measures and decisions to address the gaps in safety and security. By increasing police presence, conducting awareness programs, and taking preventive actions, the Pune Police aim to create a safer environment for all residents and visitors.



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