Shocking Incident: Worms Found in Pregnant Women’s Meal in Government Hospital in Shirur; MP Amol Kolhe Seeks Strict Probe Into Matter (Video)

Amol Kolhe

Pune: In a startling incident, worms and larvae have been found in the nutrition meal of pregnant women in Amble village of Shirur taluka. This incident has caused a widespread stir in the state. After this, Shirur’s current MP and Mahavikas Aaghadi’s Lok Sabha candidate from Shirur constituency, Dr. Amol Kolhe, has kept the government on edge by holding them accountable for their actions.

Amol Kolhe said that the administration has been completely abandoned by rulers, as they are only focusing on winning the elections. He further questioned the government, saying, “Exactly whose nutrition is going on? Is it pregnant women or contractors, who are friends of rulers?” alleging the government of giving contracts to their favourites.

Kolhe said, “Instead of nurturing the pregnant mothers and the babies, the contractors close to the rulers are being nurtured.” At this time, MP Doctor Amol Kolhe has asked the Guardian Minister to take action against the contractors who pick up out-dated goods from the market at a low price and sell them at a high price.

Kolhe added, “A chain of buying old perishable goods, whose expiry date has come, from the market and selling them through contracts at a high price comes to light. Therefore, the question of whose nutrition the government is doing has arisen.” Amol Kolhe has demanded a strict inquiry into the entire matter.

This incident has sparked a debate regarding the carelessness of the government’s medical administration regarding pregnant mothers’ care. Therefore, there is a demand from the people that the government take this issue seriously and take strict action in the matter.

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