Thursday, February 22, 2024

    Police Constable Caught Accepting Bribe: ACB’s Vigilance Ensures Accountability and Transparency


    Dharashiv: In a significant development, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in Dharashiv successfully apprehended a police constable who was caught in the act of accepting a bribe of Rs 12,000. The constable, identified as Mahadev Vasantrao Shinde (45), stationed at the Osmanabad City Police Station, had demanded a bribe of Rs 15,000 from a gutkha trader to permit the illegal sale of gutkha and avoid any potential legal consequences.

    The incident unfolded when the gutkha and tobacco trader filed a complaint against Shinde, who had demanded the bribe as a precondition for allowing the trader to continue his business unhindered. Shinde, after negotiations, agreed to accept a reduced amount of Rs 12,000. The transaction took place in the presence of witnesses, providing concrete evidence of Shinde’s corrupt activities.

    The ACB swiftly initiated action under the guidance of SP ACB (Ch. Sambhajinagar) Sandeep Atole, Addl SP Vishal Khambe, and DySP Siddram Mhetre. The operation involved the active participation of PI Vikas Rathod, along with policemen Madhukar Jadhav, Ashish Patil, and Vishal Doke.

    Instances of corruption within law enforcement agencies are a matter of great concern, as they undermine public trust and erode the integrity of the justice system. The ACB’s vigilant efforts in exposing and apprehending corrupt individuals like Shinde demonstrate their commitment to combatting corruption and promoting transparency within the police force.

    Neha Raj
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