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    Maharashtra Police Implements Hi-Tech Tracking System for Missing Mobile Phones


    Losing or having a mobile phone stolen can be a distressing experience for anyone. However, the central government has implemented a new state-of-the-art mechanism to address this issue. The Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) has been established to trace and block lost or stolen mobile phones. In Maharashtra, the police department will now utilize CEIR to investigate such cases. The Director General of Police (DGP), Rajnish Seth, has issued orders for the immediate implementation of this system.

    CEIR incorporates an advanced built-in mechanism that can detect cloned mobile phones across all telecom networks, aiding the government in preventing revenue loss. To ensure this, the government has made it mandatory to disclose the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, a unique 15-digit numeric identifier, before the sale of mobile devices in India. The mobile networks will have access to the list of approved IMEI numbers, which helps them identify any unauthorized mobile phone connected to their network.

    DCP (Crime) Amol Zende explained, “The CEIR system provides telecom operators with access to both the IMEI number of the device and the associated mobile number, which is already being utilized in specific states to locate lost or stolen mobiles through the CEIR system. Criminals often modify the IMEI number of stolen mobile phones, making it difficult to track and block such devices. However, the CEIR system can prevent cloned mobile phones from being used on the network by leveraging multiple databases.”

    So, what exactly is CEIR? It is a portal designed to locate lost or stolen cellphones. It allows individuals to block their lost or stolen mobile phones across all telecom operators’ networks, rendering them unusable. If someone attempts to use a blocked mobile phone, it can be traced. Once the mobile phone is found, it can be unblocked on the CEIR portal, allowing the owner to resume its usage.

    Here’s how the CEIR system works:

    1. File a police complaint and keep a copy of the report.
    2. Obtain a duplicate SIM card for the lost number from your telecom operator (e.g., Airtel, Jio, Vodafone/Idea, BSNL, MTNL, etc.). This is crucial because an OTP will be sent to the primary mobile number during the IMEI blocking request.
    3. Carry a copy of the police report, identity card, and the purchase receipt of the mobile phone.
    4. Visit the CEIR website and complete the registration form to block the IMEI, providing the required documents.
    5. After submitting the form, you will receive a unique request ID, which can be used to check the status of your request and unlock the IMEI once the phone is recovered.

    Once the IMEI is blocked, the mobile phone will be disabled within 24 hours, rendering it unusable across the country. The IMEI should only be unlocked by the user after they have retrieved their phone. To unblock the IMEI, visit the CEIR website, fill out the registration form, and mention the request ID, mobile number, and reason for unblocking.

    In recent years, incidents of mobile phone snatching and theft have been a cause for concern. Here are the statistics from the Pune Police Commissionerate:

    Mobile Snatching (2021):

    • Registered cases: 173
    • Detected cases: 153

    Mobile Snatching (2022):

    • Registered cases: 91
    • Detected cases: 82

    Mobile Snatching (Till 21-04-2023):

    • Registered cases: 28
    • Detected cases: 21

    Mobile Theft (2021):

    • Registered cases: 176
    • Detected cases: 107

    Mobile Theft (2022):

    • Registered cases: 229
    • Detected cases: 184

    Mobile Theft (Till 21-04-2023):

    • Registered cases: 68
    • Detected cases: 09

    With the implementation of the CEIR system, authorities aim to combat mobile phone theft and provide individuals with a reliable method to block and recover their devices. This hi-tech solution offers a glimmer of hope for those who have experienced the distress of losing their valuable mobile phones.

    Neha Raj
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