Thursday, November 30, 2023

    Rail Traffic Disrupted on Konkan Railway as Mega Block Hits Ratnagiri Route


    Ratnagiri, 21st June 2023: The smooth functioning of train services on the Konkan Railway lines has been severely affected as an unexpected mega block has been implemented today, causing significant inconvenience for commuters.

    A mega block refers to the temporary suspension of train services along a specific section of the railway network for essential maintenance and repair work. This unforeseen disruption comes on the heels of last week’s planned mega block in Mumbai, which disrupted travel plans for many passengers over the weekend.

    Currently, the mega block is in effect on the Ratnagiri-Vaibhavwadi route of the Konkan Railway. As a result, several local trains and three long-distance trains have been canceled. Railway authorities have stated that extensive maintenance and repair work on the tracks necessitated this block. However, the sudden announcement of the mega block has placed a significant burden on passengers traveling to and from the Konkan region.

    Despite assurances from the railway administration that the block will only last for three hours, it is expected that the resumption of normal services may take longer than anticipated. Passengers traveling to and from Konkan are now seeking alternative transportation options, such as private or public road vehicles.

    The abrupt block has caused disruptions not only for students but also for employees returning from vacations, resulting in severe disruptions to their travel plans. Nevertheless, the railway administration has promised a seamless resumption of services once the maintenance and repair work on the tracks is completed. It is expected that the situation will normalize only after the complete lifting of the mega block. Until then, passengers are left scrambling to make alternative travel arrangements.

    As a direct consequence of the block, the Dadar-Sawantwadi Tutari Express, Thiruvananthapuram Central-CST Netravati Express, and Diva Express trains will experience delays of three to four hours at various stations. Additionally, the mega block has disrupted the timetable of numerous local trains from Mumbai to Konkan, further exacerbating the difficulties faced by daily commuters.

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