‘Baaki Sab Gadhe Hai?’ Ex Shark Ashneer Grover Schools GenZs For Pretending To Know-It-All

A clip of Ashneer Grover from one of his recent sessions has gone viral, where he admonishes the GenZ and GenAlpha kids for pretending to know-it-all. The former shark rants –

“Tum saale 18 se le ke 21 saal ke bachho ne sab kuch figure out kar liya hai

“Matlba tumhare ke aage ke log bhi pagal hai, tumhare se pehle ke log bhi pagal hai, tumhare maa baap bhi pagal hai, teacher bhi pagal hai. Sirf tumko pata hai kese duniya chalni chahiye. Baaki sab gadhe hain”

(You kids between 18-21 pretend to have figured it all out. You think everyone ahead of you and behind are nincompoops. You think your parents and teachers and everyone else are dimwits.”)

The Doglapan author then steers his conversation to something that is significantly impacting the young minds. On classroom attendance the maverick claimed that he had 100% attendance during his academics at the IIT Delhi. Although, he further adds that there were a lot of proxies too in the attendance.

“Agar college aaye ho, class he nahi jaoge toh fir matlab kya hai fir?

“IIT mei meri 100% attendance thi. 100%. Haan woh alag baat hai ki mene proxy bahoto ki lagai hai.

The former BharatPe cofounder further says that in his general opinion the students are missing out on a lot by being absent in the classes. He says –

“Dekho…kahin se bhi absent ho na toh kahin better jagah present hona zaruri hai.”

(See. . .if you are absent somewhere then be present somewhere better).

The Third Unicorn founder remarks

“Agar tum classroom se absent ho present kahan ho mereko vo bata do. Agar tum classroom se better cheez ko fod rahe ho yaa matlab apne aap ko educate kar rahe ho ya apne aap ko upskill kar rahe ho bhai kar lo koi badi baat nahi hai ButHostel mei baith k so rahe ho ya netflix dekh rahe ho phir koi matlab nahi.”

(If you are absent from the classroom then pray tell me where are you present at? If you are doing something better like upskilling then kudos! Not slacking in the hostel, snoozing the whole day or watching Netflix. Are you?)

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