Blaze at Ghazipur Landfill Sends Smoke Billowing Across Delhi, Residents Suffer

Severe Fire Engulfs Delhi’s Ghazipur Landfill, Residents Grapple with Smoke Woes

A raging fire has engulfed the Ghazipur landfill site in Delhi since Sunday evening, unleashing billows of smoke that have shrouded nearby areas for over 12 hours. The inferno, which continues to blaze, has prompted a swift response from local authorities as residents endure respiratory distress amidst worsening air quality.

Initial Response and Escalation

Prompted by distress calls, the Delhi Fire Brigade swiftly mobilized resources upon learning of the fire around 6 PM on Sunday. Initially dispatching two fire engines, authorities escalated efforts with the deployment of eight additional fire trucks, including specialized units targeting the upper regions of the landfill.

Causes and Concerns

Officials attribute the fire’s origins to scorching temperatures and dry conditions, exacerbating the decomposition of wet waste within the landfill. The resultant heat generation and gas formation likely ignited the blaze, posing environmental hazards and health risks to nearby communities.

Impact on Local Residents

The towering plumes of smoke emanating from the landfill have blanketed neighboring colonies, triggering widespread discomfort among residents grappling with eye irritation and respiratory issues. The alarming health implications underscore the urgent need for effective containment measures and mitigation strategies.

Government and Fire Brigade’s Response

Despite concerted firefighting efforts involving 10 fire trucks, authorities anticipate protracted challenges in extinguishing the blaze fully. While visible control measures are underway, the prospect of lingering internal combustion within the landfill necessitates sustained vigilance and operational readiness.

As a precautionary measure, law enforcement agencies have cordoned off the vicinity, ensuring unimpeded access for emergency services while restricting public access to minimize safety risks.

Local Reactions and Official Statements

Residents, voicing frustration over the recurring environmental hazards, lament the government’s purported neglect of critical waste management issues. Delhi’s Mayor, Shelly Oberoi, sought to assuage concerns via social media, asserting that the situation remains under control and that comprehensive measures are in place to address the crisis.

Amidst mounting apprehensions, the fire at Ghazipur landfill serves as a stark reminder of the urgent imperative to overhaul waste management practices and bolster environmental stewardship in urban centers. As authorities grapple with containment efforts, the resilience of affected communities underscores the collective resolve to safeguard public health and ecological integrity amidst adversity.

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