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    Sharad Pawar Assures Stability and Resilience of NCP Amidst Internal Strife


    Sharad Pawar, addressing the media, expressed confidence that the future of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) is secure despite the rebellion by his nephew Ajit Pawar. He made it clear that Ajit Pawar’s actions were not endorsed by the party and declared his intention to lead the NCP from the front.

    During the press conference, Sharad Pawar appeared calm and composed, even making light-hearted comments. The veteran leader acknowledged that while the events on Sunday may have surprised many, he had experienced a similar situation in 1980 when all the leaders of the party he was leading had left. However, he successfully rebuilt the party.

    Sharad Pawar admitted that Ajit Pawar had taken a stance that was in conflict with the party’s position. He noted that some leaders claimed to be the party and asserted their power to make decisions.

    He stated, “It is a clear case of colleagues taking a different stand. I had called a meeting of all the leaders on July 6 to discuss important issues and make some changes within the party. But before that meeting, some leaders took a different stand. I am not surprised or affected by it.”

    Sharad Pawar exuded confidence that he would not remain a passive bystander in the situation. When asked who would be the face of the NCP in the face of significant leaders defecting, he firmly replied, “Sharad Pawar will be the face of the party.” He also mentioned his plans to visit Yashwantrao Chavan’s Samadhi and attend a gathering of the Dalit community in Karad.

    Despite the recent developments, Pawar assured that the responsibilities of other lawmakers would become apparent in the coming days. He emphasized that the party would continue to seek public support even if it faced legal action, expressing faith in the dedication of the state party workers.

    During the press conference, Sharad Pawar was accompanied by his grandnephew Rohit Pawar and Ankush Kakade. Emphasizing his belief in the party’s future, Pawar stated, “I rebuilt my party once, I can do it again. The strength of this party lies in the people, especially the young generation, and the party workers, and I have full faith in them. Therefore, I know the party’s future is safe.”

    When asked about Ajit Pawar’s resignation as the Leader of Opposition, Pawar mentioned that he was not aware of it and refrained from further comment.

    Regarding Ajit Pawar’s claim of having the support and blessings of everyone in the party and fighting the election on the NCP symbol, Sharad Pawar stated, “They can go ahead and be a part of the government as NCP members. We will not fight about this or the party symbol. We will go to the people, tell them our side, and I am sure the people will support us.”

    Pawar expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Modi for swearing in NCP members, which he believed put to rest allegations of corruption against the party. He recalled a similar situation in 1980 when he had only five members remaining in his party after 53 left within a month, but they managed to rebuild the party.

    When questioned about the actions to be taken against the members who joined Ajit Pawar, Pawar clarified that the decision would be made collectively by prominent party members. However, as the party president, he acknowledged the need to take action against individuals he had appointed, such as Praful Patel and Sunil Tatkare.

    Sharad Pawar firmly stated that neither the NCP MLAs nor Ajit Pawar had discussed their decision with him. He shared that some MLAs, including Chhagan Bhujbal, had contacted him and expressed their reservations but were asked to sign regardless. Pawar chuckled as he mentioned being informed about Bhujbal’s swearing-in at the Raj Bhavan instead.

    In conclusion, despite the internal challenges faced by the NCP, Sharad Pawar’s unwavering leadership and trust in the party workers and the people signal his determination to rebuild and secure the future of the party.

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