Pune: Controversy Erupts as Ajit Pawar’s Statement Sparks Criticism (Video)

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Pune: Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar’s recent statement at a trader’s meeting in Pune’s Indapur has stirred up controversy, drawing sharp reactions from various opposition leaders. During the meeting, Pawar allegedly declared, “We will give you as much funds as you want, but you must vote for us,” prompting criticism from actor-turned-politician Amol Kolhe.

Kolhe condemned Pawar’s statement, questioning whether it violated the code of conduct by tempting voters with public funds. He emphasised that public funds belong to the people, and while development projects are crucial, other pressing issues such as ensuring fair prices for farmers’ crops, tackling inflation, and generating employment demand attention beyond mere allocation of funds.

Asserting the importance of voters’ agency, Kolhe reminded them that elections are in the hands of the people, urging them to consider the broader implications of their choices. He expressed confidence in the electorate’s discernment, particularly in Shirur Lok Sabha Constituency, where he believes voters are well-acquainted with him and his commitments.

The criticism against Ajit Pawar’s statement didn’t stop with Kolhe. Member of Parliament Sanjay Raut weighed in, characterising Pawar as a typical trader with a penchant for bargaining. Raut pointed out the pervasive influence of traders in the country’s political landscape, suggesting that Ajit Pawar’s remarks epitomised this trend.

What did Ajit Pawar say exactly?

Earlier, Ajit Pawar said that you will benefit from the work we have done, but when you benefit, don’t forget who benefited you. We will provide the necessary funds for the development work. But as we give as much funds as you want, press the button in the election in front of us as well. So I would like to give you more funds. Otherwise, I will think twice before providing you fund.

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