Pune Airport Soars to New Heights: 11 Flight Additions in a Month

In a positive development for air travelers, the month of June witnessed the launch of 11 new flights from Pune airport, connecting to various destinations. Airport authorities are optimistic that the remaining vacant slots will also be filled during the ongoing summer schedule.

According to officials, new flights to Delhi, Nagpur, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru commenced operations in June. These flights have filled the void left by the suspension of GoFirst services. Previously, GoFirst had around seven flights from Pune to Delhi, Bengaluru, and Nagpur. The introduction of these new flights has brought relief to passengers. The airport authorities believe that by the end of the summer schedule, most of the remaining vacant slots will be occupied by airlines, further improving connectivity.

In addition, the first week of July will witness the launch of two new flights to Rajkot and Vadodara. Furthermore, a new flight to Hyderabad is scheduled to begin early next month. Later in the year, another flight to Goa will also commence, operating from the Manohar International Airport in North Goa. Pune already has a flight connecting to South Goa’s Dabolim airport.

Currently, the daily flight movements at Pune airport range between 89 to 92, with approximately 178 to 184 arrivals and departures. During the festive period last year, daily flight movements had reached nearly 200, similar to pre-pandemic times. The beginning of this year’s summer schedule was not particularly eventful, with only two new flights to Mumbai and Varanasi being added. However, the month of June has shown positive growth in terms of flight operations.

While passengers welcome the new flight connections, they also emphasize the need for caution on the part of the airport authorities. Common concerns such as long queues during check-ins, security checks, confusion at boarding gates, and limited seating space while waiting for flights should be addressed to ensure a hassle-free experience for travelers.

An airport official mentioned that by the time the summer schedule concludes, the airport will have a new terminal building. This infrastructure upgrade will further enhance the facilities and capacity of Pune airport, catering to the increasing number of passengers and flights.

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