Amul Franchise: A Lucrative Business Opportunity with Low Investment

For aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a business venture with minimal investment and promising returns, Amul franchise presents an enticing opportunity. As one of India’s leading dairy companies, Amul is extending its reach by offering franchise partnerships to enterprising individuals nationwide.

Understanding the Amul Franchise

An Amul franchise entails operating a business that retails Amul’s diverse range of dairy products, including milk, yogurt, cheese, and ice cream. These franchises can be established in various locations, ranging from supermarkets and convenience stores to railway stations, catering to diverse consumer needs.

Benefits of Venturing into Amul Franchise

Embracing an Amul franchise offers numerous advantages:

Low Investment: With a modest investment starting at just ₹2 lakhs, opening an Amul franchise is financially accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs.

High Returns: Despite the low initial investment, Amul franchises boast promising returns, with commission rates ranging from 2.5% to an impressive 20% on all Amul products sold.

Strong Brand Identity: Leveraging the esteemed reputation of Amul, franchisees benefit from a solid brand presence and consumer trust, fostering a competitive edge in the market.

Support from Amul: Franchisees receive comprehensive support from Amul, including training, marketing assistance, and ongoing customer service, empowering them to succeed in their business endeavors.

How to Secure an Amul Franchise

Acquiring an Amul franchise is a straightforward process:

Interested individuals can apply for a franchise online or via email, initiating the application process.

Requirements for Establishing an Amul Franchise

To qualify for an Amul franchise, aspiring franchisees must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold Indian citizenship
  • Possess a minimum investment of ₹2 lakhs
  • Secure a suitable location for the franchise outlet
  • Obtain a valid FSSAI license to ensure compliance with food safety regulations

Earning Potential with an Amul Franchise

The earning potential of an Amul franchise hinges on various factors, including the franchise location, size, and sales volume. However, franchisees can anticipate earning lucrative commissions ranging from 2.5% to 20% on all Amul products sold, translating into substantial returns on investment.


With its low investment requirement, high-profit margins, and the backing of a renowned brand, an Amul franchise presents a compelling entrepreneurial opportunity for individuals keen on venturing into the dairy retail sector. By tapping into Amul’s established network and leveraging its extensive support services, franchisees can embark on a rewarding business journey, poised for success and profitability in the thriving dairy market of India.

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