Mahaveer Gatha Lecture Series: Praveen Rishiji Maharaj Saheb Shares Insights for an Ideal Nation

Exploring Lord Mahaveer’s Teachings for Contemporary Relevance

Pune is set to host a transformative event as the revered sage, Praveen Rishiji Maharaj Saheb, embarks on a mission to disseminate the timeless wisdom of Lord Mahaveer. From April 14th to April 21st, the serene ambiance of Goyal Garden on Gangadham-Shatrunjay Road will serve as the backdrop for the enlightening lecture series, ‘Mahaveer Gatha.’

In an era marked by societal challenges and moral dilemmas, the teachings of Lord Mahaveer resonate profoundly as beacons of guidance. Praveen Rishiji Maharaj Saheb, having traversed thousands of kilometers on foot across India, underscores the enduring relevance of Mahaveer’s philosophy in shaping an ideal country.

Through the Mahaveer Gatha lecture series, attendees will have the opportunity to delve into the profound insights offered by Lord Mahaveer over 2600 years ago. The discourse will illuminate how Mahaveer’s teachings remain pertinent today, offering invaluable guidance on fostering peace, harmony, and moral integrity in society.

Praveen Rishiji Maharaj Saheb emphasizes that the sutras elucidated by Lord Mahaveer are not merely philosophical principles but practical guidelines for leading a virtuous life. By embodying these principles, individuals can contribute to the creation of a nation characterized by compassion, non-violence, and ethical governance.

The Mahaveer Gatha lecture series aims to inspire attendees to reflect on the transformative potential of Mahaveer’s teachings and their implications for personal growth and societal harmony. Through introspection and collective dialogue, participants can glean insights into building a more enlightened and compassionate society.

To facilitate widespread participation, buses have been arranged from various parts of the city, ensuring accessibility to all who seek to partake in this enlightening discourse. From 8 to 10 pm each evening, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the timeless wisdom of Lord Mahaveer, as interpreted by Praveen Rishiji Maharaj Saheb.

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