Poonawalla Group to Erect Iconic Commercial Tower in Pune at INR 1,750 Crore

The Poonawalla Group, spearheaded by Yohan Poonawalla, is set to transform Pune’s skyline with an ambitious new project. The group plans to construct a 100-meter commercial glass tower in the Bund Garden area, aiming to make a significant architectural and economic impact.

Project Overview and Financials

The upcoming Poonawalla commercial glass tower is estimated to cost INR 1,750 Crore. This substantial investment is part of the Poonawalla Group’s strategy to attract leading corporations to Pune. The tower will boast state-of-the-art facilities, designed to meet the needs of modern businesses.

Collaboration and Design

In a collaboration with Amar Builders and MOCO Design Studio, the Poonawalla Group aims to blend classic and contemporary design elements. This partnership will ensure that the tower not only stands as a modern marvel but also respects the aesthetic heritage of Pune.

Completion Timeline

The project, named Poonawalla Towers, is expected to be completed by 2026. Once finished, the tower will stand as a symbol of balance between old and new, highlighting Pune’s readiness to embrace the future while preserving its rich past.

Vision for the Future

The Poonawalla Towers project underscores the group’s vision to enhance Pune’s business landscape. By providing a cutting-edge commercial space, the Poonawalla Group aims to contribute significantly to the city’s economic growth and architectural beauty. This project reflects Pune’s growing importance as a major commercial hub in India.

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