Hadapsar Station Delays Disrupt Pune Commuters, Sparking Frustration

Pune commuters found themselves facing another day of frustration on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, as delays at Hadapsar station led to disruptions in train schedules for the second time in as many months. The extended stoppage of trains near Hadapsar station, lasting over an hour, has become a persistent issue, eliciting complaints from regular Metro passengers who rely on timely transportation.

Several daily commuters have expressed their grievances about the consistent tardiness of trains, specifically pointing to extended stops at Hadapsar station. One commuter highlighted the delay of train number 12136, originating from Nagpur to Pune, which was held up at Hadapsar for over 30 minutes, resulting in an hour-long delay in reaching Pune.

A frustrated user on X (formerly Twitter) took to social media at 12:30 PM, sharing their experience, “We were meant to arrive in Pune by 9:30 am. Although initially delayed by half an hour, we were willing to accommodate. However, the train was forced to wait at Hadapsar station for an additional hour, a recurring occurrence, followed by further delays upon reaching Pune station.”

Responding to the escalating complaints, Ram Paul Bargappa, a railway PRO official, acknowledged the challenges, stating, “Platform 1 is the primary large platform, while others are comparably smaller. When accommodating larger trains, they necessitate platform 1. Additionally, frequent delays across multiple trains necessitate schedule adjustments, contributing to the inconvenience faced by commuters. We are actively addressing the issue and striving to minimize disruptions for passengers.”

Efforts are underway to alleviate the strain on commuters caused by delays at Hadapsar station, as authorities work towards enhancing the efficiency and punctuality of train services for the benefit of all travelers in the Pune region.

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