Chakan Industries Achieve Milestone: Dedicated Power Subdivision Secured for Uninterrupted Supply

In a major triumph, the Federation of Chakan Industries (FCI) has secured a dedicated subdivision for the Chakan industrial area from the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) Mumbai office. The subdivision, equipped with 36 personnel, aims to address power supply challenges caused by a shortage of manpower, marking a significant success for member industries facing persistent issues.

Dilip Batwal, Secretary of the Federation of Chakan Industries, shared this noteworthy development with Pune Pulse, expressing the Federation’s joy and gratitude for the collaborative efforts that led to this achievement.

The newly established subdivision is poised to play a vital role in resolving long-standing grievances related to power supply in various regions, including Chakan urban, Vasuli, Nigoje, Chakan rural, Chakan gramin, Anandi gramin, Anandi urban, and Bhose. With a dedicated workforce, the subdivision aims to ensure uninterrupted power supply, addressing challenges associated with manpower shortage.

Batwal emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating, “This milestone stands as a testament to the dedication and collective efforts of our member industries. Through tireless representation and continuous demand, the Federation of Chakan Industries has successfully pressed for the establishment of this separate subdivision.”

Expressing gratitude to the MSEDCL Mumbai office and Pune office for their collaboration and support, Batwal highlighted the Federation’s commitment to overcoming future challenges. The focus remains on fostering sustained growth and progress for the Chakan industrial area, creating optimal conditions for businesses to thrive.

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