MCC Violations Surge in Maval LS Constituency Ahead of Elections

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Chinchwad and Panvel Lead in Complaints, Prompting Swift Action from Authorities

As the Lok Sabha elections draw near, the Maval constituency finds itself grappling with an alarming increase in violations of the model code of conduct (MCC). With a total of 36 reported cases, concerns regarding the distribution of money, gifts, and the display of party banners have surged within the constituency. Notably, Chinchwad and Panvel Vidhan Sabha constituencies have emerged as the epicenters of MCC violations, recording 11 and 10 complaints, respectively.

Responding to the escalating complaints, the district administration has pledged swift action, vowing to address grievances within a remarkable timeframe of 100 minutes from receipt. Reports of MCC breaches have flooded the District Control Room via the C-VIGIL portal from diverse regions across Maval. Moreover, due to ambiguity in division boundaries in other constituencies, complaints have been redirected to Maval for resolution, ensuring comprehensive oversight.

The Election Commission of India’s introduction of the C-Vigil app has empowered citizens to directly report MCC violations to both the Commission and local authorities. This initiative underscores the commitment to transparency and accountability during the electoral process. Notifications from the collector’s office regarding complaint resolutions or initiation of necessary actions are expected within two and a half hours, ensuring a rapid response mechanism.

As the election fervor intensifies, a plethora of allegations has surfaced, ranging from the distribution of saris and monetary incentives to unauthorized displays of party symbols and banners. Notably, concerns have been raised regarding the involvement of local authorities in partisan activities, exacerbating tensions surrounding MCC adherence.

In light of these developments, the administration has issued a fervent plea to citizens to remain vigilant and report any instances of MCC violations promptly. Of the 36 complaints received thus far, 24 have been promptly addressed within the designated 100-minute window, reflecting the efficacy of the response mechanism. However, 12 complaints remain pending, underscoring the need for enhanced vigilance and expedited resolution processes.

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