Financial Strain Grips Sarathi Trainees in Pune as MPSC Exam Postponed

Delay in Examination Raises Concerns Over Stipends and Training for Aspiring Civil Servants

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission’s decision to postpone the ‘Maharashtra Gazetted Civil Services Joint Prelims Examination’ scheduled for April 28 has cast a shadow of uncertainty over aspiring civil servants enrolled in training programs facilitated by the Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Research, Training, and Human Development Institute (Sarathi) in Pune. With the postponement, the crucial stipends and training sessions provided to the trainees have been abruptly halted, plunging many into financial crisis and existential uncertainty.

Under the Sarathi program, aspirants preparing for the MPSC examinations receive eight months of rigorous training along with a monthly stipend of Rs 8,000. Similarly, students selected through Mahajyoti and Barti institutes undergo an extended training period of 11 months with a stipend of Rs 10,000 per month. However, the disparity in training duration and stipend amount has raised questions among students, particularly regarding the equitable treatment of all aspirants irrespective of their background.

The recent decision by the state government to extend educational benefits and concessions to students of the Maratha community has further fueled demands for a reassessment of the training structure and stipend allocation within the Sarathi program. As the specter of financial instability looms large over the trainees, many are left grappling with the dilemma of sustaining themselves in Pune without the crucial support of training and stipends during the extended interim period until the rescheduled examination date is announced.

Expressing their plight, Dipti Pathare, a student from Pune, voiced concerns over the sudden cessation of stipends post-March, highlighting the dire predicament faced by economically disadvantaged students. Similarly, Dnyaneshwar Deshmukh, hailing from Osmanabad, underscored the challenges faced by students from drought-prone regions, emphasizing the indispensable role of training and stipends in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Amidst mounting pressure and apprehensions, students have urged the Sarathi authorities to intervene and provide clarity on the continuation of financial support and training arrangements until the rescheduled examination. However, the ambiguity surrounding financial decisions during the ongoing code of conduct period has further compounded the predicament, leaving students in limbo.

As the trainees anxiously await a resolution, the delay in the MPSC examination underscores the urgent need for stakeholders to address the pressing concerns of aspiring civil servants and ensure equitable access to educational resources and support systems.

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