European Elegance Meets Indian Roads: Brixton Motorcycles Announces Entry into Indian Market

Brixton Motorcycles, a name synonymous with European elegance and style, has made an official announcement that’s set to rev up the engines of motorcycle enthusiasts across India. Teaming up with KAW Veloce Motors Pvt Ltd (KVMPL), Brixton is poised to make its mark in the vibrant Indian market with a lineup of motorcycles crafted to cater to the distinct tastes of Indian riders.

Strategic Planning for Market Penetration 🌍

After meticulous planning spanning nearly two years, Brixton’s decision to venture into the Indian market underscores the country’s pivotal role in the global motorcycle industry. This strategic move not only bolsters Brixton’s presence in Europe but also positions it strategically in Southeast Asia.

Exclusive Range of Motorcycle Models 🏍️

Brixton has unveiled plans to introduce four unique motorcycle models tailored to meet the demands of Indian riders. These models, meticulously designed at Brixton’s Austrian design center, will roll off the assembly line at a cutting-edge facility located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, promising a fusion of performance, elegance, and innovation.

Investment in Research and Development 🔬

In a significant stride towards deepening its roots in the Indian market, Brixton, in collaboration with KVMPL, is establishing a dedicated research and development center in India. This facility will focus on engineering models tailored specifically for Indian roads, aiming to position India as a strategic export hub serving Southeast Asian and African markets.

Expansion of Dealer Network 🏢

Ensuring widespread accessibility and convenience for Indian riders, Brixton has laid out plans to establish a robust dealer network. The company aims to inaugurate 15 dealerships by the end of 2024, with ambitions to scale up to 50 dealerships by the subsequent year.

Engagement and Launch Strategy 🎉

With a keen eye on catering to the diverse needs of consumers, ranging from novice riders to seasoned enthusiasts seeking premium experiences, Brixton is gearing up for an extensive marketing blitz. The crescendo of this marketing campaign will be the grand unveiling of the brand, promising to make waves in the Indian motorcycle landscape later this year.

Tushar Shelke, the Managing Director of KVMPL, expressed his anticipation for the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce this esteemed brand to the Indian motorcycling community. With the launch on the horizon, expect more exhilarating updates in the near future.”

As Brixton Motorcycles revs up to make its mark in India, motorcycle aficionados can anticipate a thrilling ride ahead, marrying European sophistication with Indian flair on the bustling streets of the subcontinent.

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