Pune: ‘Wake Up Punekar’ Campaign Initiates Traffic Solutions, Receives Support from Authorities

Pune: Former MLA Mohan Joshi, the head of the ‘Wake Up Punekar’ Campaign, expressed optimism on Tuesday, February 20, that the upcoming traffic adjustments necessitated by the demolition of the bridge at Sadhu Vaswani will alleviate congestion in the Koregaon Park and Bund Garden areas, providing relief to motorists.

The traffic department had earlier implemented changes in the Koregaon Park-Bund Garden vicinity on a trial basis, aiming to address congestion issues. However, these alterations led to unexpected traffic snarls, inconveniencing commuters navigating through the area’s one-way routes. Despite citizens’ feedback and suggestions falling on deaf ears, the ‘Wake Up Punekar’ members took proactive steps by engaging with Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic Branch, Shashikant Borate, highlighting the prevailing challenges.

Furthermore, Senior Police Inspector Rajkumar Shere, overseeing traffic planning in Koregaon Park-Bund Garden, conducted on-site inspections and engaged in discussions with local residents to identify pertinent issues. Following constructive dialogue and citizen input, Shere committed to exploring proposed changes aimed at mitigating traffic bottlenecks.

Mohan Joshi emphasised that Senior Police Inspector Shere’s endorsement of proposed trial changes signals a promising step towards resolving traffic congestion. He hailed this development as the inaugural success of the ‘Wake Up Punekar’ initiative.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of local residents, Mohalla Committee member Dhairyasheel Vandekar extended appreciation to Mohan Joshi and Senior Police Inspector Shere for their collaborative efforts. Citizens present at the event commended Mohan Joshi’s initiative in addressing Pune’s traffic woes through the ‘Wake Up Punekar’ campaign and pledged their support in promoting safer and more orderly traffic management in their locality.

In attendance at the gathering were prominent figures including Javed Munsif, Anita Tahir, Rohan Desai, Shehnaz, Captain Mishra, Manoj Phulpagar, Reena Karulkar, as well as Police Sub-Inspector Jadhav, Rohan Suravase, Chetan Agarwal, and other concerned citizens.

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