Severe Waterlogging and Traffic Chaos in Pune: PMC Receives 350 Complaints in One Day

A recent rainstorm wreaked havoc in the city, causing severe waterlogging, traffic jams, and uprooting trees. The downpour not only flooded low-lying areas but also disrupted rail and flight operations, with nearly 20 flights facing delays. The Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) disaster management helpline was inundated with 350 calls from citizens reporting issues such as waterlogging, flooding, and potholes following Saturday’s heavy rainfall.

Immediate Response and Review

Newly elected MP, Murlidhar Mohol, took swift action by reviewing the situation. He acknowledged the inefficiency of the current helpline system and promised to seek financial aid from the Centre to tackle disaster management and flooding issues effectively.

Enhanced Manpower Allocation

In response to the deluge of complaints, PMC has deployed additional personnel at the ward level to address the pressing concerns. Ganesh Sonune, Head of PMC’s disaster management, emphasized, “More manpower is provided to a particular ward office based on need.” This strategic allocation aims to ensure timely and efficient resolution of issues.

Contact Information

Citizens are encouraged to report their concerns to PMC using the following helpline numbers: 02025506800 and 02025501269. These lines are open for complaints regarding waterlogging, flooding, and potholes.

Traffic and Safety Concerns

The rainstorm resulted in significant traffic disruptions and severe waterlogging, which damaged vehicles and posed safety risks, especially for two-wheeler riders. Commuters have raised concerns about the lack of precautions and safety measures. They highlighted the absence of signage for open drains or ongoing roadworks, making navigation through the flooded roads even more perilous.

Flight and Rail Disturbances

The storm’s impact extended to transportation infrastructure, causing nearly 20 flight delays and disrupting rail movement. These disturbances added to the chaos, affecting numerous travelers and leading to widespread inconvenience.

Call to Action

In light of these events, it is crucial for the PMC to implement robust disaster management strategies and improve infrastructure resilience. Adequate signage, timely communication, and effective resource allocation are essential to ensure the safety and well-being of the city’s residents.

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