PVR and INOX Unveil PVR Passport 2.0: A Cinematic Journey Beyond Boundaries

PVR Cinemas, in collaboration with INOX, is gearing up to launch the much-anticipated second version of its subscription-based movie viewing service, PVR Passport. The multiplex giant aims to enhance the cinematic experience for movie enthusiasts and attract a broader audience to its theaters.

PVR Passport 2.0 Pre-Registrations Soar: Pre-registrations for PVR Passport 2.0 have already commenced on both PVR and INOX apps and websites. A senior official at PVR INOX revealed that the response to pre-registrations has been “phenomenally well.” Those who pre-register will enjoy early access to a diverse range of movies at an affordable price.

Unlocking Cinematic Convenience with PVR Passport: The concept of the “passport” draws parallels to a metro pass, freeing cinephiles from the hassle of considering movie ticket prices on every cinema outing. PVR Passport aims to streamline the movie-watching process, providing subscribers with a convenient and cost-effective way to indulge in their love for films.

Evolution from PVR Passport 1.0 to 2.0: PVR Passport 2.0 follows the successful pilot project, PVR Passport 1.0, introduced in October last year. The initial version offered a subscription-based voucher service allowing moviegoers to watch 10 movies at a nominal one-time fee of Rs 699. Learning from the feedback received, PVR Passport 2.0 promises significant improvements and is expected to witness a substantial increase in subscriptions, being four to five times larger than its predecessor.

Expanded Reach to South India: Unlike its predecessor, PVR Passport 2.0 is set to be valid across South India, catering to a broader audience base. The move has generated immense interest, with pre-registrations surpassing the initially planned number of passports to be issued.

How to Secure a PVR Passport Subscription Online:

  1. Visit the official PVR/INOX website.
  2. Click on the ‘Privilege’ button at the bottom or access through the homepage banner.
  3. Click on ‘Join Now.’
  4. Enter the required details and complete the online payment through cards, wallets, or UPI.
  5. Receive a confirmation message upon successful payment.

Exclusivity in Simplicity: While offering an enriched movie experience, PVR Passport 2.0 maintains its focus on the “time-rich, money-poor” audience. The subscription does not cover premium services like IMAX, Gold, LUXE, and Director’s Cut, emphasizing accessibility and affordability.

As PVR and INOX gear up to redefine cinema subscriptions, movie buffs await the official launch of PVR Passport 2.0, promising a cinematic journey beyond boundaries.

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