Sulking Congress Leader Aba Bagul Meets BJP’s Fadnavis in Nagpur: Potential Blow to Congress in Pune

In a move that has stirred political speculation in Maharashtra, Congress leader Aba Bagul reportedly met with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders in Nagpur, igniting rumors of a possible defection from his current party. Bagul’s meeting with former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and the BJP’s state unit president Chandrashekhar Bawankule on Monday has raised eyebrows, particularly in light of Bagul’s recent disappointment over being denied a Lok Sabha nomination by the Congress.

Aba Bagul, a prominent figure in Sahakarnagar and Parvati assembly constituency, has been visibly disheartened since the Congress leadership opted not to field him for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. His dissatisfaction came to the forefront when he undertook a silent march to the Congress Bhavan to express his grievances after the party chose to nominate others, including recent entrants, over him.

Bagul’s discontent seems to stem from the perceived preference given to newcomers within the party ranks, exemplified by the nomination of Ravindra Dhangekar for the Pune constituency, who joined the Congress in 2019 and swiftly ascended to receive nominations for both assembly bypolls and now the Lok Sabha polls.

Sources privy to the developments revealed that during the meeting in Nagpur, BJP leaders provided Bagul with assurances regarding his political future should he choose to switch allegiances. Although Bagul refrained from making any public statements, his associates who accompanied him confirmed the encounter, fueling speculation about his potential move to the saffron party.

Bagul’s association with the Congress runs deep, having been a stalwart for the party in Pune for over four decades. His frustration over being overlooked in favor of recent entrants underscores underlying tensions within the party ranks. Additionally, Bagul’s close ties with former MP Suresh Kalmadi have added layers of significance to his political maneuvers, with Kalmadi’s influence and legacy still resonating within Pune’s political landscape.

Notably, Bagul’s contributions to Pune’s cultural and social fabric, including his initiation of the popular Pune Navratri Mahotsav and the provision of free Kashi Yatra for senior citizens, have endeared him to the local populace over the years.

Meanwhile, the BJP’s local unit has distanced itself from the developments in Nagpur, indicating a degree of ambiguity surrounding Bagul’s potential defection and the party’s stance on his rumored induction.

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