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    Pune District Launches Campaign To Issue Caste Certificate For Backward Class Students


    Pune, 30th June 2023: Dr Praveen Kumar Devare, Additional Collector and Chairman of Pune District Caste Verification Committee, has announced an initiative to provide caste certificates to backward class students studying in schools. This campaign also includes students in the science department of Class XI and XII who will receive caste validity certificates.

    The aim of this campaign is to streamline the process of obtaining caste certificates for backward class students. Dr Devare highlighted the importance of enabling students to obtain these certificates directly from their schools. To ensure an efficient and effective system, the Collector’s Office is working in collaboration with the Deputy Director of Education, Primary and Secondary Group Education, Sub-Divisional Officer, Tehsildar, and School Principals.

    The main objective of the campaign is to remove any obstacles faced by backward class students in acquiring caste certificates. To achieve this, designated coordination officers from schools and colleges will play a vital role. They will collect complete applications from backward class students and work closely with the District Caste Verification Committee, as well as the office of the Sub-Divisional Officer and Tehsildar, to facilitate the issuance of Caste Certificates and Caste Validity Certificates to the students.

    This campaign acknowledges the significance of caste certificates in providing social and educational benefits to students belonging to backward classes. Caste validity certificates are especially important for students pursuing higher education in the science stream. These certificates serve as proof of their eligibility for various scholarships, reservations, and other welfare schemes.

    By implementing a systematic and coordinated approach, the Pune District administration aims to ensure that backward class students have easy access to caste certificates. This initiative will contribute to the empowerment and inclusivity of these students, enabling them to avail the opportunities and benefits they are entitled to.

    The campaign reflects the commitment of the Pune District administration to address the needs of backward class students and promote social equality. It is a step towards creating a more inclusive and supportive educational environment for all students in the district.

    Neha Raj
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