Sunday, February 25, 2024

    Public Plea for Dignity: Pune Residents Demand More Buses for Crematorium Transportation

    Limited Access and Financial Strain Prompt Calls for Increased Servces in Shivajinagar"


    A pressing concern has emerged in Pune as residents demand an increase in the number of buses dedicated to transporting deceased individuals to the crematorium. Currently, only one bus is available for this purpose, severely limiting access to the service for a few families and placing an additional financial burden on those already grappling with healthcare costs.

    The shortage of buses for transporting dead bodies has resulted in many households resorting to private ambulances, incurring additional expenses for families mourning their loved ones. The situation has raised concerns about equitable access to essential services, particularly during challenging times.

    Shiv Sena office-bearers in the Shivajinagar assembly constituency, in collaboration with the president of Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML), have formally requested an increase in the number of buses allocated for this critical service. Some individuals have even hinted at the possibility of organizing protests if their demand for more transportation options is not met.

    An inquiry into the matter revealed that the contact number provided for PMPML’s bus facility for crematorium transport (020-24503211) is non-functional. This further highlights the urgency of the situation, suggesting that the single available bus is inadequate to meet the growing demand. Attempts to contact the service result in a recorded message stating a relocation of services, adding to the frustration of those in need.

    Efforts to address this issue are crucial not only for the dignity of the departed but also for the well-being of families navigating the challenging process of bidding farewell to their loved ones.

    Neha Raj
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