PMC Launches Online Pet License Renewal System for Pune’s Pet Owners

Simplified Process Aims to Enhance Convenience and Compliance for Dog and Cat Guardians

Pune’s pet-loving community is set to benefit from a new initiative by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), as the city gears up to introduce online renewal services for pet licenses. The move, slated to commence next week, is aimed at streamlining the process and making it more accessible for pet owners.

With an increasing number of households welcoming furry companions into their homes, the PMC has recognized the need to modernize pet licensing procedures. Building upon the success of the online registration system introduced a year and a half ago, the civic body is now extending its digital services to include license renewals.

Pet owners will now have the convenience of renewing their pet licenses with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for physical visits to PMC offices. The renewal fee for each pet has been set at a nominal Rs 25, with detailed instructions available on the PMC website.

The initiative follows the positive response garnered by the online registration system, which saw 3,522 dog licenses and 162 cat licenses issued since its inception. Previously, pet owners had to undergo a physical renewal process, often requiring visits to ward offices. However, the new online renewal feature aims to simplify this procedure and ensure compliance with municipal regulations.

Dr. Sarika Funde, veterinary superintendent at PMC, highlighted the success of the online registration system and emphasized its role in promoting awareness among pet owners. By leveraging digital platforms, the PMC aims to facilitate a seamless renewal process, allowing pet enthusiasts to ensure their furry companions remain fully licensed and compliant with municipal regulations.

The process for renewing pet licenses will require owners to submit necessary documents online, including a copy of the rabies vaccine certificate, residential address details, a photo of the pet, property tax payment receipt, and a no objection certificate from the housing society.

As Pune’s pet-friendly initiatives continue to evolve, the PMC remains committed to fostering a conducive environment for responsible pet ownership while leveraging technology to simplify administrative procedures.

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