Planned Repairs Prompt Power Cuts: Villages in Mulshi Brace for Four Days of Load Shedding”


“Over 60,000 Consumers Affected as MSEDCL and MSETCL Prepare to Replace Defective Transformer”

Residents of villages in Mulshi, Pune, are set to experience four days of power cuts as the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) and the Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (MSETCL) gear up to replace a defective power transformer. The planned maintenance activity, scheduled from Wednesday to Saturday, is expected to affect more than 60,000 consumers across the region.

According to officials from MSEDCL, the repairs necessitate phase-wise load shedding between 8 and 9 pm from April 3 to April 6. The replacement of the faulty power transformer, with a capacity of 50 Mega Volt Ampere (MVA), will take place at the Pirangut 220/22 Kilo Watt (KV) Extra High Voltage Substation.

The outage schedule has been outlined as follows:

  • Wednesday (April 3): Areas including Rihe, Bhare, Ghotawade, Mulkhed, Khamboli, Katarkhadak, Pimpoli, Andhale, and certain industrial zones will experience power cuts.
  • Thursday: Villages such as Pirangut, Paud, Darvali, Karmoli, Chale, Dakhne, Khule, Sathesai, Nandgaon, Kondhavle, Rawde, Shere, Velavade, Jamgaon, and Disli will face the outage.
  • Friday: Bhugaon, Bhukum, Khatpe Wadi, Lavale, Chande, and Nande villages will undergo load-shedding.
  • Saturday: Urwade, Kasaramboli, Dhotre Wadi, Ambegaon, Marnewadi, Kondhur, Kondhavale, Andhgaon, Ambervet, and Amralewadi will experience power cuts.

MSEDCL and MSETCL have appealed to residents to cooperate during this period to facilitate the smooth execution of the maintenance work.

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