FDA Launches Special Drive to Ensure Food Safety in Pune

Month-long initiative to monitor ice cream parlours, juice stalls, and more

As temperatures rise and demand for refreshing beverages and desserts surges, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Pune has embarked on a month-long special drive starting April 2nd to closely monitor ice cream parlours, juice stalls, and other similar establishments across Pune.

Arjun Bhujbal, Joint Commissioner of FDA Pune, highlighted the objectives of the drive, stating, “During this campaign, we will conduct thorough inspections and monitoring of juice stalls, ice cream parlours, and related vendors. We will scrutinize the quality of ice used, inspect ice cream factories, and collect samples of ice cream, cold drinks, juices, etc. This drive will continue until the end of May. Our officers have been instructed to conduct surprise inspections of at least 10 such establishments during the drive, ensuring that disruptions are minimized.”

Additionally, Bhujbal mentioned that efforts are underway to fill vacant positions within the FDA. Currently, only thirteen out of forty-three food safety officer positions are active. Despite facing challenges, the FDA has twelve assistant commissioners, and Bhujbal assured that special campaigns are being initiated to uphold the integrity of food products amidst these circumstances.

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