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    Clearing the Skies: Pune Municipal Corporation’s Bold Steps Against Air Pollution

    Crackdown on Offenders: PMC Takes Stringent Measures Against Construction and Waste-Related Offences


    In response to the growing air pollution crisis in Pune, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has launched stringent measures to address the issue, focusing on activities such as construction and waste burning. Construction work has been identified as a major contributor to the surge in air pollution, primarily due to elevated dust levels. The PMC has initiated actions against construction professionals and individuals found burning waste, imposing fines on 80 offenders totaling ₹12,98,230 over the past 25 days.

    The increased construction projects in the city have led to heightened dust levels, contributing to a spike in air pollution. The burning of waste has also been identified as a significant factor in the deteriorating air quality. Recognizing the potential health risks posed to citizens, PMC is actively implementing measures to ensure cleanliness and reduce pollution.

    The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has issued directives and guidance notes to address the worsening air quality situation. PMC is actively working on these directives, intensifying its efforts to tackle waste-related issues and pollution.

    Complaints related to garbage dumping and burning have been on the rise, prompting PMC to reinvigorate its activities. In the past month, actions have been taken against 80 individuals, resulting in the collection of fines amounting to ₹12,98,230.

    PMC is empowered to impose on-the-spot fines for various offenses, including spitting, pollution, plastic bag usage, and public defecation. Teams have been deployed at the regional office level, working in collaboration with the solid waste department to enforce these penalties.

    Sandeep Kadam, Head of the Solid Waste Management Department, revealed that around 3,000 individuals have been penalized by the Pune Municipal Corporation in the last month. PMC has also urged big companies, establishments, and those generating significant waste to responsibly dispose of both wet and dry waste in their respective areas.

    Despite ongoing efforts, instances of municipal employees burning collected waste have been reported. In response, PMC has taken penal action against three employees from the Hadapsar regional office and issued strict instructions to prevent such occurrences in the future.

    Citizens are also encouraged to play their part by disposing of garbage in designated bell carts instead of littering the streets. PMC has emphasized that the city’s waste disposal project is running at full capacity to address the waste generated in Pune.

    The public has been urged to maintain cleanliness, and stringent actions will continue to be taken against offenders to ensure a pollution-free environment.

    Summary of Municipal Corporation’s Actions (November 1 to November 25):

    • Spitting in public: 45 persons fined, ₹45,000 recovered
    • Urinating in public: 96 persons fined, ₹18,760 recovered
    • Waste incineration: 80 persons fined, ₹50,000 recovered
    • Non-disposal of classified waste: 187 persons fined, ₹27,270 recovered
    • Failure to clean household waste: 3 persons fined, ₹360 recovered
    • Littering in public places: 2,975 persons fined, ₹8,83,040 recovered
    • Construction-related offences: 14 persons fined, ₹69,500 recovered
    • Non-wearing of uniform: 18 persons fined, ₹3,600 recovered
    • Plastic-related offences: 34 persons fined, ₹1,75,000 recovered
    • Defilement by other domestic animals: 2 persons fined, ₹700 recovered

    Total: 3,458 persons fined, ₹12,98,230 recovered.

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