BJP’s Smart City project is an election stunt; Mohan Joshi demands white paper on Pune Smart City project

Congress Mohan Joshi On BJP

PUNE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the Pune Smart City project with great fanfare by giving big advertisements eight years ago i.e. June 25, 2016. In 2017, the BJP ruled the Pune Municipal Corporation for five years. Despite BJP getting a massive majority, no smart work has taken place in Pune under the project. There were large-scale irregularities worth crores in the tendering process and a white paper should be published on the Pune Smart City project, demanded former Congress MLA Mohan Joshi. He was speaking on the eighth anniversary of the Pune Smart city project.

“The already developed area of Baner Balewadi in Pune was selected for implementing the project. A so-called survey was carried out by fooling the people. The BJP should openly tell Puneites about works executed in Baner and Balewadi,” Mohan Joshi said.

“Now, the Central government has announced that this project is being shut. This is shocking. Crores of rupees of Puneites were given to consultant companies,” Joshi said.

“BJP leaders promise some things but act in a different manner. This is the characteristic of BJP. The Smart City project is a good example of this. After coming to power, the BJP promised the residents of cities that their cities will be made smart. Now, eight years have passed. During this period, the BJP had a complete majority in the PMC. The BJP should inform Puneites how Pune has become a smart city in these eight years or frankly admit that it was a tactic to win the elections,” he said.

“The Congress Party has a list of promises made by the BJP. Crores of rupees sent by the Centre were spent on consultant companies. Officers sent by the Centre were given salaries worth crores of rupees. The rights of the PMC were taken away. What did tax paying Puneites get? Half completed projects, unplanned road projects and huge advertisements in every chowk. These things are of no use for the city,” Mohan Joshi said.

“The BJP which came to power by promising to bring about development showed its true colours after coming to power. The BJP started focusing on religion and caste. Hence, dozens of promises made by the BJP were a political stunt and this is being proved by the ill-planned and flop Smart City project. The Smart City project envisaged taking away the powers of local bodies to manage their affairs in an independent manner,” Mohan Joshi said.

Puneites will give an apt reply to these false promises made by the BJP through their votes at the time of the election and the Congress Party will always be with them, Mohan Joshi added.

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