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    Improved Connectivity: Pune-Daund Local Service to Bring Relief to Commuters


    Pune, 27th June 2023: The long-awaited local service between Pune and Daund is set to begin, bringing relief to residents and daily commuters. This development comes as the Pune division is expected to receive five Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU) rakes from the Mumbai division, benefiting an estimated fifty thousand passengers. Although the service is slated to launch in approximately six months, it marks a significant step in the right direction.

    The demand for a Pune local service has been voiced by the residents of Daund for years. While the grant of suburb status to Daund falls under the jurisdiction of the state government, the railway administration has decided to initiate the local service to meet the convenience of passengers, rather than getting entangled in technical matters.

    Currently, the local service between Pune and Lonavala utilizes Siemens rakes. However, it is anticipated that Bombardier’s rakes will be deployed for the Pune-Daund route. Bombardier rakes are considered superior, with a higher speed of 110 kmph compared to Siemens’ 100 kmph. Five local rakes will be dedicated to the Pune-Daund service.

    Dr Swapnil Neela, Senior Divisional Operations Manager of Pune, stated, “Pune will receive five rakes of EMU when the number of air-conditioned local trains increases in the Mumbai division. The Pune-Daund local service will commence as soon as these rakes become available. Meanwhile, the department has initiated preliminary internal works.”

    The introduction of the Pune-Daund local service is a commendable development that will greatly benefit daily commuters. Additionally, it would be advantageous for the railway administration to explore the possibility of connecting Daund to Lonavala through a local train as well.

    Mayuresh Zaveri, a member of Pimpri Chinchwad Pravasi Sangh, expressed his support, stating, “The commencement of the Pune-Daund local service is a positive development. Once operational, it will significantly improve the daily commute for thousands of passengers. The railway administration should also consider connecting Daund to Lonavala via a local train.”

    While the Pune-Daund DEMU (Diesel Electric Multiple Unit) has its limitations, such as higher costs, limited seating capacity, and lower speed, the introduction of electric EMU rakes in local trains brings various advantages. These include the elimination of diesel usage, larger train capacity, different compartments for various categories, wider coaches for increased passenger accommodation, and faster travel speeds.

    The upcoming Pune-Daund local service signifies a significant step towards enhancing connectivity and easing the daily commute for thousands of passengers. As the railway administration continues to improve and expand local train services, it promises a more efficient and convenient transportation network for the region.

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