Aim, Shoot, Conquer: Highlights from the Indian Naval Annual Musketry Championship

    In a display of precision and marksmanship, the Indian Navy recently hosted the Annual Musketry Championship for the year 2023 (INMAC) at INS Shivaji, Lonavala, from November 13 to 16. This prestigious event saw the participation of one team from each Naval Command, showcasing their prowess in musketry.

    The Western Naval Command demonstrated exceptional skill, emerging as the overall winner of INMAC 23. In recognition of their marksmanship, the Command was honored with the Championship trophy and banner, symbolizing their excellence in naval musketry. The Southern Naval Command, displaying commendable performance, secured the runners-up trophy, marking their proficiency in this precision sport.

    Commander Mohit Goel, NM, Commanding Officer of INS Shivaji, extended heartfelt congratulations to all officials and participants for the seamless organization of the event. In a ceremony that reflected camaraderie and sportsmanship, Cmde Mohit Goel presented medals to the winners and runners-up of individual matches, acknowledging their dedication and skill in the realm of musketry.

    The Musketry Championship serves not only as a platform for showcasing the naval forces’ marksmanship but also fosters a spirit of healthy competition and collaboration among the different Naval Commands. The event underscores the Navy’s commitment to excellence and proficiency in various domains.

    As the sun set on the Naval Musketry Championship at INS Shivaji, it left in its wake a sense of achievement, camaraderie, and a renewed commitment to precision in naval operations.

    Neha Raj
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