Viman Nagar Shop Owners Left in Shock as Unannounced Demolition by PMC Sparks Outrage

Pune Municipal Corporation

Viman Nagar, 18th October 2023: A wave of shock and disbelief washed over shop owners near the renowned Farmaaish bar in Viman Nagar as their businesses fell victim to an unannounced demolition carried out by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). According to these local business proprietors, they were blindsided by the demolition, receiving no prior notice or warning.

The Unforeseen Blow

One distraught shop owner expressed, “Even a 24-hour notice would have allowed us to prepare for this devastation.” Another added, “They claim to have sent us a notice, but it never reached us, leaving us completely unprepared for this catastrophe.”

Counting the Costs

The aftermath of this demolition has left many shop owners grappling with significant losses, estimated to be as high as 4 lakhs. The destruction encompasses walls, chairs, pavements, and other vital infrastructure. As these business owners contemplate their next steps, uncertainty looms large. Currently, their primary focus centers on recovering from the substantial financial setback they’ve endured.

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