Panvel-Karjat Railway Project: Another Tunnel Breakthrough Marks Milestone

Progress in Tunnel Construction Signals Advancement Towards Operational Rail Line

Last week, the Panvel-Karjat railway project achieved another notable milestone as one more breakthrough was completed on two of its three tunnels. This development signifies significant progress in the construction of the new local train line connecting Panvel to Karjat, inching it closer to operational status.

Part of the Mumbai Urban Transport Project 3 (MUTP-3) by MRVC, the Panvel-Karjat railway project is undergoing extensive development. Its three tunnels—Nadhal Tunnel (219m), Wavrely Tunnel (2,625m), and Kirawali Tunnel (320m)—are integral components of this transformative initiative.

The new double-line corridor aims to enhance connectivity between Mumbai and Karjat via Panvel, serving as a vital transportation link for the rapidly growing regions of Panvel, Karjat, and NAINA (Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area). The completion of these tunnels is crucial for the efficient operation of local train services along this corridor.

Despite facing various challenges, significant progress has been made. Tunnel-1 achieved a breakthrough on May 10, 2023, while Tunnel-3 (Kirawali Tunnel) saw commencement of work on September 29, 2023, culminating in a breakthrough last week on March 30, 2024. Current efforts are focused on laying down a ballastless track, with concrete lining and track installation slated for completion by year-end.

The construction of Tunnel-2 (Wavrely Tunnel), the longest among all, covering 2,625m, has made substantial headway, with excavation completed for 2,425m as of April 2. Despite challenges such as Class-3 rocks and logistical hurdles due to proximity to residential and commercial areas, the project remains on schedule for completion.

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