Google Shuts Down VPN Service: India Unaffected, Users Transition to Alternatives

Insights into Google’s Decision to Discontinue VPN by Google One and Its Impact on Users Worldwide

Google has announced the discontinuation of its VPN by Google One service, citing low usage as the primary reason for the decision. While this development may raise concerns among users globally, individuals in India can rest assured as the service was never available in the country.

Discontinuation of VPN Service

According to a report by 9to5Google, Google has confirmed its plans to shut down the VPN feature due to lack of user engagement. The move aims to allow the company to reallocate resources and focus on more in-demand features within the Google One platform.

Reassurance for Indian Users

Indian users of Google One need not worry about the discontinuation of the VPN service, as it was never launched in the country. Despite the absence of a specific timeline for the shutdown, existing users worldwide will be directed to explore third-party VPN alternatives for their privacy and security needs.

Transition for Pixel Users

Google reassures users of older Pixel models, assuring them of continued access to VPN services. The Pixel 7 series, introduced in 2022, will retain the free Pixel VPN service for the promised five-year duration. Additionally, older Pixel models, including the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 7a, and Fold, will receive an upgrade to a built-in VPN service starting June.

Background on Google One VPN Service

Initially launched in October 2020, Google’s VPN service aimed to enhance online protection for Android users, offering peace of mind regarding data security. Despite its availability across various platforms and a reduction in subscription price in March 2023, the service did not gain significant traction, leading to its eventual discontinuation.

Future Developments in Google Services

Amidst the discontinuation of the VPN service, Google continues to evolve its suite of offerings. Recent updates include the introduction of AI editing tools in Google Photos, available for free in the upcoming months, eliminating the need for a subscription for unlimited Magic Editor usage.

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