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    Smooth Rides Ahead: No Toll Tax for Locals and Same-City Travelers as New Rule Takes Effect

    Transport Department's Road Network Expansion and Toll Exemption Bring Convenience to Commuters


    In a move aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the traffic system, the Gurugram Transport Department is embarking on a significant expansion of the road network. The initiative not only promises improved accessibility across the city but also introduces a new rule that spells relief for locals and those traveling within the same city.

    Nationwide Road Development and Toll Collection

    The continuous development of roads across the nation has notably elevated the travel experience for passengers. The establishment of toll plazas at specific intervals by the Central Road Transport Department is a strategic measure to collect tolls on expressways.

    Use of Toll Tax for Road Maintenance

    The toll tax collected serves a crucial purpose — the renovation and strengthening of roads. Additionally, the implementation of the Fastag system by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) contributes to smoother and quicker toll payments, alleviating congestion at toll plazas.

    Avoid Toll by Following the 100-Meter Rule

    A practical and commuter-friendly solution has been introduced at the Kherkidaula toll plaza in Gurugram, Haryana. The 100-Meter Rule, marked by yellow plates, allows vehicles caught within this distance during a traffic jam to pass through the toll plaza without incurring any toll charges.

    Toll Tax Exemption for Nearby Residents

    In a bid to benefit local residents, a monthly pass system has been implemented. Those residing within a 10 km radius of a toll plaza can obtain a monthly pass for a nominal fee of ₹150, granting them complete toll tax exemption. For drivers traveling within a 20 km radius of a toll plaza, a monthly pass is available at ₹300.

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