Paws on the Wheel: Bengaluru’s Auto-Riding Puppy Captures Hearts

In a delightful turn of events, a heartwarming video from Bengaluru has taken the internet by storm, featuring an auto driver and his four-legged friend, a charming puppy, cruising through the city. Netizens are reveling in the sheer cuteness of the footage, expressing their joy over the unexpected travel companionship.

Video Sparks Social Media Frenzy:

The video, shared on Instagram with the caption, “Today I saw an auto driver taking his hooman for a ride! Uber driver: Tommy,” showcases the endearing scene of the puppy comfortably nestled in the auto driver’s lap. The canine companion occasionally rests its paws on the auto’s handle, creating an impression of being the one steering the joyous city adventure.

A Touching Message of Canine Love:

Accompanying the heartening visuals is a touching message highlighting the simplicity of a dog’s love. The caption states, “Dogs never run behind your status, they just want your presence and love! The purest thing I saw today.” This sentiment has struck a chord with viewers, resonating with the genuine and unconditional affection that dogs offer.

Online Sensation:

Since its posting four days ago, the video has rapidly gained popularity, amassing over 3.6 lakh views and garnering more than 33,800 likes on Instagram. The comment section is flooded with users expressing their thoughts, sharing anecdotes about their own pets, and showering admiration for the heartwarming duo. Some have even humorously expressed their willingness to endure Bengaluru traffic if accompanied by such an adorable co-passenger.

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