Telegram Channels Set to Monetize: Ad Platform Launch Announced by CEO Pavel Durov

In a significant move, Pavel Durov, CEO and founder of Telegram, has revealed plans for the launch of the company’s ad platform next month. This platform aims to revolutionize content monetization within the Telegram ecosystem by allowing channel owners to earn financial rewards through the utilization of toncoin, a cryptocurrency on the TON blockchain.

Monetizing Telegram Channels: The ad platform is designed to enable channel owners to monetize their content, with a unique mechanism involving toncoin. Channel owners are set to receive 50% of the revenue generated from ads displayed within their channels, creating a direct and transparent revenue-sharing model.

Expanding Monetization Opportunities: Despite Telegram’s broadcast channels amassing a staggering one trillion views per month, only a fraction (approximately 10%) is currently monetized through the existing Telegram Ads promotion tool. The upcoming Telegram Ad Platform, scheduled for a March launch, is poised to extend monetization opportunities to channel owners in nearly one hundred countries, enhancing the financial prospects for content creators on the platform.

TON Blockchain for Secure Transactions: Telegram’s commitment to ensuring fast and secure ad payments and withdrawals is highlighted, with the exclusive use of the TON blockchain for these transactions. Similar to the model adopted for Telegram usernames on Fragment, Toncoin will facilitate ad sales and revenue sharing with channel owners. This approach aims to create a self-reinforcing cycle, offering content creators flexibility in converting Toncoins into traditional currency or reinvesting them for channel promotion.

Market Response and Token Value Surge: The announcement of the ad platform has triggered a positive market response, with the TON token experiencing an immediate increase of nearly 40%, reaching over $2.92. At the time of writing, the token maintains a value of $2.65, signaling the market’s favorable reception of Telegram’s latest initiative.

Aligning with Industry Trends: Telegram’s entry into ad revenue sharing aligns the platform with other major social media platforms such as YouTube and X (previously Twitter), both of which provide similar programs to their members. This move positions Telegram as a contender in the evolving landscape of content creation, offering additional incentives for content creators and potentially diversifying its revenue streams.

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