Monday, February 26, 2024

    Security Beyond Retirement: Microsoft’s ESU Program for Windows 10 Explained

    After October 2025, Users Can Pay for Crucial Security Updates to Extend the Lifespan of Windows 10


    In a significant move signaling the end of an era, Microsoft has announced the official retirement of Windows 10 in October 2025. However, recognizing that some users may want to continue using the operating system beyond its end-of-life (EOL) stage, the tech giant is introducing an Extended Security Update (ESU) Program. Unlike previous instances where ESU was primarily for commercial customers and enterprises, Microsoft is extending this program to individual consumers as well.

    Under the ESU Program, users who wish to keep using Windows 10 can enroll and pay an annual subscription fee. This fee grants access to crucial security updates, ensuring that the operating system remains protected against potential vulnerabilities. The ESU-enabled Windows 10 environment will continue to function reliably for the next three years, albeit without the introduction of new features except for the inclusion of Copilot, a feature borrowed from Windows 11.

    Microsoft’s lifecycle policy for operating systems outlines that the ESU program will focus solely on delivering security updates. Users can expect a stable operating system, but no new features will be introduced post the EOL stage, which is set for October 2025.

    As of now, Microsoft has not disclosed the pricing details for the ESU program targeted at consumers. The subscription will be an annual charge, and Microsoft plans to release these details at a later date. Users who choose to remain on Windows 10 can continue to receive essential security updates by enrolling in the ESU program, providing a bridge for those not ready to transition to newer operating systems.

    Stay tuned for updates on Microsoft’s ESU program pricing, and in the meantime, consider the option of updating to the latest operating system, ensuring your files are backed up. The introduction of this new program prompts users to contemplate their preferences, as Windows 10 enters its twilight.

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