OpenAI’s ChatGPT Takes a Step Beyond Screens: Into Humanoid Robots

OpenAI, renowned for creating advanced language models like ChatGPT, is venturing into the realm of physical robotics through a strategic partnership with humanoid robot-focused startup Figure. The collaboration, coupled with a significant $675 million in venture capital funding from industry giants like Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Nvidia, and others, marks a pivotal moment for both companies and the future of AI-driven robotics.

Venturing into the Physical Realm:

California-based Figure, a nascent player in the robotics arena at less than two years old, envisions integrating AI systems into humanoid robots designed for widespread deployment across workplaces and homes. The recent funding injection, featuring high-profile backers, bolsters Figure’s ambition to address labor shortages and automate tasks that humans might find arduous.

OpenAI’s AI in the Physical World:

For OpenAI, known for its language models and AI research, the collaboration signifies a departure from the virtual domain into the physical. Peter Welinder, Vice President of Product and Partnerships at OpenAI, states that the partnership will “open up new possibilities for how robots can help in everyday life.” The aim is to leverage OpenAI’s expertise to create specialized AI models tailored for Figure’s humanoid robots.

Accelerating Figure’s Commercial Timeline:

The integration of OpenAI’s AI models, potentially based on GPT language models, DALL-E image-generator, and Sora video-generator, is poised to enhance Figure’s robots’ capabilities. By enabling robots to “process and reason from language,” the collaboration seeks to expedite Figure’s commercial timeline. The recent venture capital influx positions Figure to transform its ambitious vision into tangible products.

Beyond Screens: A New Chapter in Robotics:

This strategic move marks OpenAI’s return to robotics after an earlier hiatus, as CEO Sam Altman hinted at renewed interest in physical hardware platforms. The podcast hosted by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates revealed OpenAI’s shift, emphasizing the necessity of cognition and intelligence before delving into the realm of physical robotics.

Debates on Humanoid Utility:

The introduction of humanoid robots into workplaces and homes raises questions about their practical utility. While experts differ on the effectiveness of humanoid-shaped robots, Figure’s approach, backed by advanced AI, aims to address labor shortfalls and usher in a new era of human-robot collaboration.

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