Breaking Barriers: Elon Musk Unleashes Free Audio-Video Calls for All on ‘X’ App

In a recent development, Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur behind the ‘X’ app, has made the audio-video calling feature freely available to all users. Initially reserved for those with the coveted Blue-Tick status, Musk’s decision to democratize this service is set to transform user interactions on the platform.

Enrique, a user and keen observer of the ‘X’ app, shared the news on the X handle, stating, “Rollout complete! Everyone should have access now, enjoy!” This comes after a gradual rollout to non-premium users, allowing them to experience the enhanced communication features. Users can now choose to allow calls from everyone, expanding the social dynamics within the platform.

Elon Musk had hinted at this development at the end of January, signaling a departure from the previous model where the audio-video calling feature was exclusive to premium users with a subscription. Following successful tests, Musk has orchestrated the phased rollout, making the feature accessible to the entire user base.

In tandem with this breakthrough, Musk has also announced a modification to ‘X’s recommendation algorithm. Users can now rejoice as all their followers will have visibility into the post they pin. Musk clarified that this applies to a single pinned post every 48 hours, enhancing content discoverability and engagement.

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