The Future Record-Breaker: Brian Lara Backs Indian Batter to Surpass His Milestones

In the realm of cricket, where records often stand as untouchable monuments, legendary West Indies cricketer Brian Lara believes that the “most talented batter of the new generation,” Shubman Gill, has the potential to shatter his monumental world records of 400 and 501 in Test and first-class cricket, respectively.

Lara, the holder of the highest Test score of 400 and an unbeaten 501 in first-class cricket, expressed his confidence in Gill’s abilities. The former West Indies captain remarked, “Shubman Gill can break both my records.” Lara sees Gill as the torchbearer of the new era of cricket, destined to leave an indelible mark on the sport.

Despite Gill’s modest start in Test cricket, accumulating 966 runs in 18 matches with one century at the age of 24, Lara is unwavering in his support. He envisions Gill not only surpassing his records but also dominating the cricketing landscape in the years to come. Lara emphasized, “He (Gill) will rule cricket in the coming years. I believe he will go on to break many big records.”

Gill, the youngest Indian to achieve a century in all formats and the youngest to score an ODI double hundred, has showcased his immense talent early in his career. Lara, acknowledging Gill’s extraordinary abilities, highlighted his aggressive style of play, particularly his adeptness in charging down the track against fast bowlers.

The West Indies legend addressed the skepticism surrounding Gill’s potential to score over 400 in Test cricket and more than 500 in first-class cricket, stating, “If Gill plays County cricket, then he can break my 501*. In Test cricket, he can surely go past 400.” Lara attributed the changing landscape of cricket, influenced by T20 leagues and the IPL, to the increased scoring rates and predicted, “Shubman will score big, mark my words.”

As Gill embarks on the challenging role of India’s No.3 in the upcoming South Africa tour, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await to witness the young prodigy’s journey towards potentially rewriting the record books.

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