Grand Success at Yonex-Sunrise Twoelves Crafted Solutions Shuttle Champs Badminton Tournament Season 2 in Bavdhan

The Yonex-Sunrise Twoelves Crafted Solutions Shuttle Champs Badminton Tournament [Season 2] marked a triumphant conclusion, showcasing the fervor, skill, and collaborative spirit within the badminton community. Held for the first time in Bavdhan, Pune, the tournament drew an impressive turnout of 350 participants, highlighting the passion for badminton in the region.

Event Highlights:

For the first time, official badminton games graced Bavdhan, Pune, hosted at Suyash Academy, where players, sponsors, partners, and esteemed guests came together for a celebration of athleticism and camaraderie. The tournament received distinguished guests Aniruddha Joshi, Sudhanshu Medsikar, and Vinay Gargate, adding an aura of inspiration and distinction.

Acknowledgment and Gratitude:

The success of the tournament was attributed to the generous support of sponsors and partners. TWOELVES CRAFTED SOLUTIONS extended sincere gratitude to Sohum Udyog, the Co-Sponsor & Official Energy Partner, and Gravity Sports, the Official representative of Yonex-Sunrise, India. Their unwavering commitment contributed to the seamless execution of the event, elevating its stature.

Championing Excellence:

Throughout the tournament, participants showcased exceptional skills and determination across various categories, from singles to doubles. The champions in each category were recognized for their outstanding performances, embodying the spirit of sportsmanship.

Champions in Singles Category:

**Singles Category: ** [Winner’s & Runner-up’s]:

  • BS U9 – Ajinkya Chavan & Nishad Patil
  • BS U11 – Archit Khandeshe & Vedant More
  • BS U13 – Aarussh Prasad Saple & Om Kene
  • BS U15 – Rohan Sayankar & Aaditya Deshmukh
  • BS U17 – Saleel Maneri & Abhishek Shinde
  • GS U9 – Viha Gurav & Anvi Kulkarni
  • GS U11 – Nidhee Gaikwad & Pratyasha Dalai
  • GS U13 – Kyra Raina & Swara Morye
  • GS U15 – Siddhi Jagdale & Kyra Raina
  • GS U17 – Siddhi Jagdale & Arundhati Konwar
  • MS (OPEN) – Pratik Dharmadhikari & Abhijeet Kadam
  • WS (OPEN) – Siya Behede & Advika Pawar
  • MS 30+ – Chaitanya Done & Akshay Biware
  • MS 35+ – Chaitanya Done & Aalok Deshpande
  • MS 40+ – Mandar Girish Saoji & Sunil Jaiswal
  • MS 45+ – Shantanu Patil & Snehal Kale

**Doubles Category: ** [Winner’s & Runner-up’s]:

  • BD U19 – Saleel Maneri + Sanskar Shivsharan & Amogh kale + Atharva Gavli
  • MD (OPEN) – Pranav Shinde + Tejas Khomane & Sarang Athavale + Pratik Dharmadhikari
  • MD 30+ – Chaitanya Done + Saurabh Rai & Badre Abbas + Pankaj Arora
  • MD 35+ – Anand Krishna Iyer + Dinesh Gopani & Chaitanya Done + Saurabh Rai
  • MD 40+ – Heramb Lele + Saurabh B & Ajit Gore + Parag Ballal
  • MD 45+ – Ajit Gore + Makrand Hardas & Nagesh Palkar + Raman Kumar
  • XD (OPEN) – Tejas Khomane + Krishnali Jaiswal & Sarang Athavle + Sarah Navare
  • XD 35+ – Hrishikesh Patkar + Maitreyee Godbole & Harshal Shinde + Archana Khare
  • XD 40+ – Niranjan Dandekar + Maitreyee Godbole & Rahul Somwanshi + Shraddha Pandhare
  • XD 45+ – Makrand Hardas + Gayatri More & Mahesh Date + Madhura Pitre

Sponsors and Partners:

The success of the tournament was made possible by the generous support of sponsors and partners:

  • Sohum Udyog (Co-Sponsor & Official Energy Partner)
  • Gravity Sports (Official representative of Yonex-Sunrise, India)

The technical officials of the tournament are:

  • Ramdas Ghorpade (Referee)
  • Anshul Garg (Match Control)
  • Vignesh Balaji (Referee)
  • Makarand Aphale (Referee)
  • Vibhavari Chavan (Referee)
  • Ajinkya Date (Referee)
  • Parag Kashyape (Referee)
  • Keshav Salunke (Referee)
  • Dilip Tarabadkar (Referee)
  • Mitali Vaidya (Referee)
  • Raj Jadhav (Referee)

Their commitment to badminton’s growth and development played a vital role in making the tournament a memorable success.

Closing Ceremony:

A total cash prize of Rs 45,000 was distributed among the winners and runners-up, along with trophies and goodies from TWOELVES CRAFTED SOLUTIONS and Sohum Udyog. The closing ceremony acknowledged the remarkable performances and contributions of all participants, sponsors, partners, and volunteers.

As the Yonex-Sunrise Twoelves Crafted Solutions Shuttle Champs Badminton Tournament Season 2 concludes, TWOELVES CRAFTED SOLUTIONS congratulates everyone involved and looks forward to continued collaboration for future achievements.

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