Pune: NCP Leader Sharad Pawar Confronts Ajit Pawar’s Defection, Stresses Party Unity

Pune witnessed a significant turn of events as Ajit Pawar, a prominent leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), took oath as the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, accompanied by other party leaders. In response to this development, NCP supremo Sharad Pawar held a press conference to express his viewpoint on the matter and emphasize the unity of the party.

During the press conference, Sharad Pawar hinted that Ajit Pawar’s decision to align with a different stance could be seen as an act of rebellion. However, he also acknowledged the swearing-in of his NCP colleagues and addressed the allegations of corruption that had been previously leveled against them, stating that they were unfounded. Pawar expressed gratitude for the continued support of the party members who stood by the NCP’s principles.

While acknowledging Ajit Pawar’s differing position, Pawar mentioned that a meeting was scheduled for July 6 to discuss organizational decisions within the party. However, he highlighted that certain individuals seemed to consider themselves as the party, asserting their authority over decision-making. Pawar assured that the roles of other legislative members would become clearer in the coming days.

Undeterred by recent events, Sharad Pawar stated that even if the party faced legal action, they would seek the support of the people. He expressed his unwavering belief in the strength of the party workers in Maharashtra and their commitment to the NCP’s ideals.

The unfolding situation has sparked intrigue and speculation within the political landscape of Maharashtra. As the NCP navigates these internal dynamics, the future course of action for the party will gradually become clearer.

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