Political Dynamics Unfold as Sharad Pawar Invites Maharashtra CM and Deputies for Lunch

Sharad Pawar

Baramati / Pune News
: In a twist of political events, the guest list for the state-government-organized Namo Employment Fair in Baramati has raised eyebrows as Sharad Pawar, NCP (SCP) president, finds himself excluded. However, undeterred by the omission, Pawar extends an olive branch by inviting Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and his deputies, Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar, for lunch at his Govindbaug residence in Baramati.

The Omission and Pawar’s Response:

The invitation card for the employment fair includes the names of various public representatives but notably leaves out Sharad Pawar. Despite the apparent oversight, Pawar expresses his willingness to attend the event, emphasizing his role as the chairman of Vidya Pratisthan, an educational institute founded by him and controlled by the Pawar family.

In a letter dated February 28, Pawar invites the three leaders for lunch after the program, marking their first visit to Baramati since Eknath Shinde assumed the role of chief minister.

Political Dynamics Unveiled:

The move comes in the backdrop of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, where NCP president Ajit Pawar hints at fielding his wife Sunetra Pawar against Supriya Sule in Baramati. The political nuances and the exclusion of Sharad Pawar from the invitation card add layers to the unfolding narrative.

Reactions and Tradition:

Supriya Sule, in response to the event, highlights the tradition of treating guests like gods and expresses her surprise at Sharad Pawar’s exclusion. She emphasizes her intention to attend the event as a representative of the people.

Awaiting Responses:

As of now, no official response has been received from the government representatives, including the chief minister and deputy chief ministers, regarding the exclusion of Sharad Pawar. The move has drawn criticism from NCP (SCP) legislator Rohit Pawar, who questions the government’s decision.

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