Woman Dies and Many Hospitalized After Consuming Biryani in Thrissur

A tragic incident unfolded in the Perinjanam region of Thrissur district, Kerala, as around 178 individuals fell ill with food poisoning after consuming biryani from a local restaurant. The aftermath of this incident led to the unfortunate death of a 56-year-old woman, identified as Uzaiba from Kutilakkadav, who was admitted to Thrissur Medical College after experiencing severe stomach pain and vomiting. Additionally, several others were hospitalized, prompting swift action from local authorities.

Restaurant Shutdown and Investigation Initiated

In response to the alarming situation, the restaurant implicated in the food poisoning outbreak was promptly shut down. Health Department officials, in collaboration with representatives from the Food Safety Department, panchayat authorities, and the police, conducted a thorough inspection of the restaurant premises. The Perinjanam Panchayat has assured that stringent measures will be taken against the restaurant in light of the incident, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Official Statements and Actions Taken

Vineeta Mohandas, the Panchayat President, expressed concern for the affected residents and provided insights into the ongoing investigations. “Residents of Perinjanam and Kaypamangalam are in the hospital. They have been admitted to various hospitals in Kodungallur and Iringalakuda. The health department, panchayat, food and safety officials and the police conducted an inspection of the hotel,” she stated.

Health department officials, upon inspecting the restaurant, raised concerns about its unsanitary conditions, prompting the initiation of legal proceedings. A formal complaint has been lodged with the Kaypamangalam Police Station and Perinjanam Panchayat regarding the matter. Furthermore, health authorities have been actively engaged in collecting food samples for testing, aiming to identify the root cause of the food poisoning outbreak. Subsequent legal action against the responsible parties will be determined based on the findings of the investigation.

The unfortunate demise of Uzaiba and the widespread food poisoning incident underscore the critical importance of maintaining stringent food safety standards within the food service industry. As investigations continue and efforts are made to ascertain accountability, the incident serves as a somber reminder of the potential consequences of lapses in food hygiene and safety protocols. The swift response from authorities highlights the collective commitment to ensuring public health and safety in Kerala.

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