Transformative Decade: Indian Railways’ Remarkable Progress Under Prime Minister Modi’s Leadership

In a recent address at the Viksit Bharat Ambassador event in Mumbai, Union Minister for Railways, Communications, and IT, Ashwini Vaishnaw, shed light on the remarkable advancements witnessed in the Indian Railways over the past decade. Drawing comparisons with previous administrations, Vaishnaw underscored the significant strides made under Prime Minister Modi’s government, signaling a transformative era for the country’s rail infrastructure.

Expansion of Rail Network: A Testament to Growth

Vaishnaw highlighted the monumental expansion of the Indian Railways, citing impressive statistics that underscore the magnitude of progress achieved. He revealed that in the last decade alone, a staggering 31,000 kilometers of new tracks have been laid—an accomplishment that mirrors the extent of Germany’s railway network. Emphasizing the pace of development, he noted the addition of 5,300 kilometers of rail network in the preceding year, a feat equivalent to the entirety of Switzerland’s railway infrastructure.

Electrification Drive: Towards Sustainable Rail Transport

Underscoring the commitment to sustainability, Vaishnaw applauded the significant strides in railway electrification witnessed in recent years. He disclosed that over the past decade, a substantial 44,000 kilometers of railway tracks have been electrified—a stark contrast to the mere 20,000 kilometers achieved in the six decades preceding the current administration. With an eye on the future, the minister expressed the government’s ambition to achieve 100% electrification, heralding a greener and more efficient era for Indian Railways.

Modernization and Renovation: Transforming Railway Stations

Vaishnaw lauded the extensive efforts invested in modernizing railway infrastructure, with a particular focus on the renovation of over 300 railway stations across the country. Highlighting Maharashtra’s role in this endeavor, he cited the exemplary transformation of 120 railway stations, including the iconic Shivaji Maharaj station. These modernized stations stand as testament to the government’s commitment to enhancing passenger experience and fostering a culture of innovation within the Indian Railways.

Vision for Future Mobility: Vande Bharat and Bullet Trains

The minister offered insights into the visionary projects aimed at revolutionizing rail travel in India. Vaishnaw elaborated on the ambitious plans for the Vande Bharat and Bullet train projects, emphasizing their potential to drive regional development and elevate the nation’s transportation infrastructure. With a promise of enhanced comfort and efficiency, these initiatives represent a significant leap forward in India’s quest for modern, world-class railway services.

Empowering Youth: Mobile Manufacturing Revolution

In addition to railway advancements, Vaishnaw shed light on India’s burgeoning mobile manufacturing sector—a testament to the nation’s industrial prowess. He shared anecdotes of individuals, particularly a young girl from Bihar, whose lives have been transformed by employment opportunities in this sector. With a shift from reliance on imports to domestic production, India has emerged as a global hub for mobile manufacturing, fostering economic growth and empowering its youth.

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