Telangana’s Gift to Hyderabad Drivers: Pay Only 10% of Traffic Challans, Get 90% Discount!

In a significant move aimed at providing relief to vehicle owners burdened with hefty traffic challans, the Telangana government, under the leadership of the Congress party, has announced a massive discount scheme. From December 26th to January 10th, Hyderabad residents can avail a staggering 90% discount on their pending traffic challans, requiring them to pay only 10% of the original fine amount. This article delves into the details of this generous exemption and its impact on the city’s motorists.

Exemption Period and Discounts: Starting December 26th until January 10th, the Telangana government has implemented a groundbreaking policy allowing individuals with outstanding traffic challans to settle their dues with a remarkable 90% discount. Vehicle owners, including RTC drivers, will only need to pay 10% of the original challan amount during this period. Additionally, two-wheeler and three-wheeler drivers enjoy an 80% waiver, while other vehicle owners face a 60% reduction in their challan amounts.

Fulfillment of Election Promise: During the Telangana Assembly elections, the Congress party had pledged in its election manifesto to provide relief to vehicle owners burdened with traffic challans. With approximately 2 crore pending challans in the state, the Congress-led government has fulfilled its promise, urging citizens to visit the Telangana Traffic e-Challan website to review and pay their pending challans at the discounted rates.

Impact on Pending Challans: As of now, the state has approximately 2 crore pending challans, a significant reduction from the 2.4 crore challans reported on March 31, 2022. This move by the Telangana government is expected to alleviate the financial strain on vehicle owners while simultaneously promoting compliance with traffic rules.

This unprecedented initiative by the Telangana government not only eases the financial burden on citizens but also serves as a testament to the government’s commitment to fulfilling its promises to the electorate.

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