Risks and Rewards: Uttar Pradesh Residents Brave Odds for Jobs in Israel

In a surprising turn of events, despite the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, thousands of young individuals from Uttar Pradesh are seizing the opportunity to work as construction workers in the war-torn country. The move is seen as an effort to address the scarcity caused by the hostilities, with individuals expressing a willingness to risk their lives for employment.

Braving Danger for Employment

The recruitment center in Lucknow has witnessed long queues as people from various regions line up for interviews and skill training. The motivation behind this move is varied, with some individuals ready to go for their children and others driven by the harsh reality of unemployment, referred to as “berozgar.”

“Khatra to yahan bhi hai” (danger persists here too),” say the workers in line, emphasizing that they are willing to face the risks for the prospect of earning money. If selected, each worker stands to receive ₹1.36 lakh per month, along with additional benefits.

Uttar Pradesh Responds to Israel’s Request

Uttar Pradesh is actively responding to the Center’s call to send skilled workers to Israel to work in the construction sector. The state is set to dispatch over 16,000 skilled workers next month to address the scarcity caused by the ongoing conflict. In the first phase, 10,000 skilled workers will be sent, with a finalized list of 16,000 workers.

State Labour Minister Anil Rajbhar highlights that the Government of India has established a center in Lucknow for screening and recruitment, responding to Israel’s request for Indian workers amidst the conflict. The Uttar Pradesh government is conducting skill tests to fast-track the arrival of Indian workers to Israel.

5,000 Jobs Available in the First Phase

A week-long recruitment drive, facilitated by a 15-member Israeli team, is expected to fill over 5,000 positions in Israel. The positions include bar benders, tilers, masons, and stuttering carpenters. The Department of Vocational Education and Skill Development, along with the Department of Labour, is overseeing the drive, which has attracted over 300 aspirants in Lucknow.

The recruitment process is meticulous, with aspirants filling out forms and undergoing interviews region-wise. The hopeful job seekers believe that this opportunity will bring positive change to their lives.

Job Seekers Ready to Take Risks

Despite the acknowledged threat to life, many aspirants are willing to take the risk for the promise of a substantial salary and bonus. Anup Singh from Moradabad expressed his readiness to face the danger for the sake of his children, highlighting the economic challenges in India. The minimum qualification for workers includes being skilled, holding a high school pass certificate, and understanding English.

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