‘One should nothing else but Indian,’ says V-P Dhankhar

Rohtak, Dec 26 – Describing the youth as ‘the vanguards of a resurgent Bharat’ Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Tuesday emphasised B.R Ambedkar’s words, “You should be Indians first, Indians last, and nothing else but Indians.”

He was speaking at the convocation of Maharshi Dayanand University here and appreciated the thriving affirmative ecosystem empowering the youth.

Highlighting the vast vista of opportunities available to the youth today and encouraging the graduates to script their own success stories, the Vice-President said in today’s ecosystem “nothing is impossible, as the word itself says, ‘I am possible’!”

Describing graduation as a ‘bittersweet moment’ that marks as an end of an era and a beginning of a new one, the Vice-President stressed that “it is a blissful, unforgettable moment for family, teachers and alma-mater.”

He encouraged the students to continue the pursuit of knowledge and learning throughout life.

Drawing inspiration from the life of Swami Dayanand Saraswati as an epitome of simplicity and virtuosity, Dhankhar said that Swami Dayanand dedicated his life for catalysing social reforms and disseminating the teaching of the vedas to the masses.

“Bharat presently is largely reflection of the dreams of Swamiji,” he said.

He urged the students to always respect their teachers, their nation and take care of their parents. Lamenting on the rise of old-age homes, he said, “In our country there should be no need for old-age homes as family bonds and relationships are given importance in our society.”

The Vice-President called upon the students to always take care of their parents and elders, no matter what their status, their place of residence, how much name, fame and wealth they have earned in life.

“God is in the service of one’s parents and elders,” he further added.

The Vice-President emphasised that the young generation should follow the words of B.R Ambedkar that is, “You should be Indians first, Indians last, and nothing else but Indians.”

He questioned how any individual, claiming belief in Bharatiyata and being a citizen of Bharat, could undermine our nation’s integrity, hinder its progress, or defame its constitutional institutions, whether within the country or beyond its borders.

The Vice-President emphasised the significance of maintaining a lasting connection with one’s alma-mater, stressing that this link isn’t just about ‘quantum of physical contribution’.

Encouraging students to be proud ambassadors, he highlighted the importance of a fiscal connection, underscoring its role in propelling the institution’s impactful journey towards further growth and success.

Calling the young minds of India, “the vanguards of a resurgent Bharat”, the Vice-President said that the youth have revolutionised the agriculture sector, creating the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world, and “their contribution is such that Bharat@2047 will be a developed nation.”

Stressing that world is confronting disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning, green hydrogen, and quantum computing, Dhankhar said the government has allocated significant Rs 6,000 crore for quantum computing and Rs 9,000 crore for the green hydrogen mission.

He also underlined that due to this investment by 2030 there will be eight lakh crore investment and nearly six lakh jobs would be created.

Underlining the importance of courage, and perseverance to execute any idea, he remarked: “A parachute works only when it is open. To be possessed of a great mind is of no use, like a parachute. If you drop it and do not open it, you suffer the consequences.”


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